The popular, wearable exercise tracker Fitbit was one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. Fitbit shot to the top of Apple’s App Store on Christmas Day, indicating that a surge of people were downloading the app after receiving trackers as holiday gifts this year. Make your Fitbit stand out from the rest of the boring, black bands with some of the hottest accessories, listed below.

1. Tory Burch for Fitbit: For the fashion-forward, popular designer Tory Burch has created a slew of bracelets for Fitbit. Choose from a variety of patterns and styles, from silicone printed bracelets featuring whimsical patterns to metallic, leather bracelets. The bracelets range in price from $195 to $38 and are compatible with the Fitbit Flex tracker. Buy one here.

2. Flex Band 3-Pack: Add a little bit of color to your life! The Flex Band 3-Pack comes with three different color bands to switch up the appearance of your Fitbit Flex tracker. The Sport pack option comes with teal, tangerine and navy bands, the Vibrant pack features violet, teal and pink bands and the Classic pack includes navy, red and blue bands. The Flex Band 3-Packs are $30 and can be bought here

GettyImages-497165708 Volunteers take part in Fitbit introduces Fitbit Local, free all-levels workouts led by talented community trainers in San Diego Nov. 14. Photo: Getty Images

3. Ultra Sleep Wristband: One of the most popular features of the Fitbit is the ability to track sleep. The sleep wristband holds your Fitbit Ultra tracker to your wrist, allowing you to get a comfortable night's rest. Simply affix the band around your non-dominant wrist to track your sleep quality.The Ultra Sleep Wristband is only $14.95 and can be bought here. 

4. Wireless Synch Dongle: This device plugs into an USB port to sync Fitbit Flex, One and Zip trackers to your online account, making monitoring your progress so simple. Get it here for $19.95

5. FitStar Personal Trainer: This service provides guided coaching and motivation and is compatible with iOS devices, Android phones and can be used online. FitStar Personal Trainer has customized routines that change based on your progress, and new sessions are added every month! The perfect tool for beginners or advanced workout junkies. Buy a one year premium subscription for $39.99 here.