In the United States, both baseball and football fans are passionate about their favorite sport and claim that their sport is the number one in America. The following explains whether the baseball scores over football. 

*Baseball is considered as one of America's favorite past times. The historical basis of baseball has transformed the sport into something that is not able to be separated from the nation's history.  It is said that even before football, and other sports gained attention in America, baseball was there. 

*The playoffs in baseball again are much longer and interesting than football as the seven-game series allow teams to battle over several days, keeping the fans more involved in the games. For instance, if a National Football League (NFL) team loses 5 games in a row they may not make the playoffs. But on the other hand, if a Major League Baseball (MLB) team loses 5 games in a row they may still win it all.

* More games are the real plus for baseball. A National Football League (NFL) team plays a regular season schedule of 16 games, while a Major League Baseball (MLB) team plays a regular season schedule of 162 games.

* Affordability is another key feature of baseball. The average cost of a ticket for football was about $54, while for baseball it was only about $20, making it a cheaper means of entertainment and sporting action.

* In football, most players play one position, with a well-defined set of skills. On the other hand, baseball is an ideal team game, where the game can be in the hands of the ninth batter in the final inning.

Nevertheless, though baseball is the national game, when it is about ratings, NFL, wins hands down. Football makes a whopping sum from television revenue. NFL is said to receive in excess of $2 billion in television revenue, while MLB generates only $350 million.

However, both football and baseball are different sports and comparing their entertainment value would be unfair. At the end of the day, it is for the spectators to decide which sport drives them crazy!