The past two episodes of “The Flash” have been busy. In episode 14, Barry (Grant Gustin) found out he was at the scene of his mother’s murder as the Flash, Ronnie (Robbie Amell) and Dr. Stein (Victor Garber) realized what they could do together as Firestorm, and Iris (Candice Patton) discovered that there was something fishy about S.T.A.R. Labs. But the big shock came when Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) revealed himself as Reverse Flash. The CW series is taking off for a month, but what will happen when “The Flash” returns on March 17?

According to the synopsis for episode 15, “Out of Time,” Barry will once again be facing off against a pair of sibling foes. Clyde Mardon (Chad Rook) -- the tornado-wielding meta-human from the series premiere – will be back for revenge. This time, though, he will have help in the form of his Weather Wizard brother, Mark Mardon (Liam McIntyre) as the duo tries to take Barry down.

However, the promo reveals what fans really want to know – what happens next with Dr. Wells. It appears it won't be too long before the doctor reveals himself to Barry and the S.T.A.R. Labs team to be not totally trustworthy. It looks like he will be spotted without his wheelchair and, in another scene from the promo, he even appears to show Cisco (Carlos Valdes) his powers.

Watch the promo for episode 15 below:

Will Dr. Wells reveal himself to the S.T.A.R. Labs team? Can Barry stop both Mardon brothers? Fans will have to wait to find out. “The Flash” returns to the CW with episode 15 on Tuesday, March 17.

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