Episode 7 of “The Flash” was the last before the “Arrow” and “The Flash” crossover episodes and it was an exciting one. With two villains to deal with in “Power Outage,” it took everything Barry (Grant Gustin) had to stop them, but, unfortunately, he would have to do so without his powers.

The episode began by showing a group of friends playing at a power plant on the night of the particle reactor explosion. One got caught up on the tower and was electrocuted when lighting struck the reactor.

In the present, Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) made an entry into a video journal where he lamented that Barry wanting to save people was holding him back, an opinion that seemed contrary to what he tells Barry. Suspiciously, he noted the future is still intact, pulling up a newspaper from the future saying that the Flash has disappeared.

Meanwhile, Joe (Jesse Martin), Eddie (Rick Cosnett) and Barry investigated the death of a man who was electrocuted without a clear cause. The S.T.A.R. Labs team uses a picture Barry took of the body to recreate the face and identify the man, but things got weird when Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) noticed there was a drain on the power plant and a man using the victim’s ID to access the plant.

Barry rushed to the scene to find Farooq (Michael Reventar), the man who had been electrocuted in the beginning of the episode. It turned out that he became a meta-human that can absorb electricity. However, it got worse when Barry was hit by a blast that zapped his powers, rendering him just a normal guy again.  

As Barry struggled to find a way to get his powers back with Dr. Wells, Farooq made a move on S.T.A.R. Labs, draining the power from the lab, and most of the city, to get inside.

Meanwhile, a mysterious prisoner at the police station, William Tockman (Robert Knepper) used the blackout to break free and take Joe, Iris (Candice Patton) and the rest of the station hostage. Eddie tried to stop Tockman, but ended up getting shot. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Dr. Wells theorized that Barry could get his powers back by jumpstarting himself with a jolt of electricity, which Cisco (Carlos Valdes) could rig from his treadmill. First, though, Barry tried talking Farooq down. The meta-human blamed Dr. Wells for his friends’ deaths the night of the particle reactor explosion when they tried to revive him, and he was not backing down. He shocked Barry, who retreated to try Wells’ original plan, while Farooq went after Wells. Wells, on the other hand, went to the meta-human holding cells where he agreed to free Tony (Greg Finley), the meta-human from episode 6 who could turn to steel, if he would kill Farooq.

While Caitlin tried unsuccessfully to jump-start Barry’s powers they went looking for Wells and Cisco, but instead found Tony fighting Farooq. Things took a turn for the worse when Tony was killed by one of Farooq’s blasts. With time running out, Barry and Dr. Wells fought when Barry found out he let Tony out only to get him killed to buy time.

Back at the station Tockman took Iris and tried to make his escape, but she had sneaked in a gun from Eddie’s holster and was able to stop him herself.

Meanwhile, while trying to come up with a plan, Caitlin realized the jump-start had worked and Barry did have his powers back. It was instead a mental block that was holding him back now. As the group tried to escape, Farooq caught up to them. Dr. Wells gave himself up, listing the names of everyone who had died the night of the particle reactor explosion and pleading for Farooq to spare the rest.

However, before Farooq executed Dr. Wells, Barry suddenly snapped back into his Flash self and rushed Wells out of danger. Barry then took on Farooq, but this time when the meta-human tried to drain his powers it was too much for him to handle and Farooq ended up dead.

Barry visited Eddie in the hospital with Joe and Iris, at one point sneaking off to apologize to Iris as the Flash for not helping with Tockman.

Wells made another entry into his video journal revising his earlier point to note Barry’s desire to be a hero was the key to him advancing his powers. However, Wells' motives were still unclear as in the episode’s last scene he extracted a blood sample from the dead Farooq to study how to take away Barry’s powers.

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