The Fosters” returned to ABC family Monday night for episode 2 of the family drama’s third season. It was Father’s Day for the Fosters in the episode and the special day produced a lot of drama.

Here’s how it all went down in episode 2, “Father’s Day”:


Callie (Maia Mitchell) is still hiding the fact that she was fired by the foster center from her moms, but that is not her only problem. Jude (Hayden Byerly) wants to invite his dad over for Father’s Day and Callie is not happy.

Luckily, she gets a welcome distraction when AJ. (Tom Williamson), the kid who got her fired, calls from a juvenile correctional facility. He tells Callie he was arrested for tagging with the spray paint he stole and tells her to check out his art at a nearby park. Callie and Sophia (Bailie Madison) go and discover a bat signal painted on the wall of a skate park.

Callie takes her mom (Teri Polo) to go visit AJ in the hopes she can help. He confesses that he only wanted to find his brother and run away to Arizona. He is worried something happened to him. Stef does have a plan for AJ. after all. She wants Mike (Danny Nucci) to foster him. He seems to be open to the idea, later visiting AJ at the facility.

Later, Callie has a father’s day brunch with Sophia and her father, Robert (Kerr Smith), and she gives him a photograph she took of a Ferris wheel.

The lunch takes a turn when Sophia tells Callie that she thinks her parents are planning to send her away due to her mental problems. However, it turns out the truth is that her parents are just splitting up. Both of them, as well as Callie, assure Sophia that they all love her and she is not going anywhere.

After Callie and Robert have an awkward confrontation with Jude and Donald (Jamie McShane), Robert explains to Callie that Donald made a mistake and that he is not a better man than Donald. He confesses to being unfaithful to his wife and pleads for Callie to forgive Donald. Callie chases after Donald after the conversation and wishes him a happy Father’s Day.

At the end of the episode, Mike and Stef inform Callie that Mike will be fostering AJ. Callie is shocked that the man who got her fired will be living with her family.


Brandon (David Lambert) seems to have finally convinced Kat (Katherine McNamara) to work with him, only the pianist is awfully demanding. Brandon is worried that nothing he composes will ever be good enough for her and stays late at the school to work on his piece.

He gets distracted, though, when Connor (Gavin Macintosh) insists he come to his party that night. Brandon agrees to come for one beer, but is surprised when Kat turns up at the party and is actually fun, making him take shots with her! The two seem to hit it off, drunkenly playing the piano, and Kat tells Brandon she needs to like him for their partnership to work. She also says she would be sleeping in the next day – she previously told him that should meet at the school at eight in the morning.

However, the morning reveals that Kat was just playing Brandon. He oversleeps and Kat is waiting at school with their professor, trying to convince him to give her a new composer.

Brandon shows up at the father’s day brunch hungover, prompting his father to give him some advice.


Jude’s father arrives for the father’s day brunch, but he’s hurt when he finds out that Jude is embarrassed of his time in prison. Connor (Gavin MacIntosh) and his father, Adam (Chris Bruno), show up as well, but Connor warns his dad that Jude does not want Donald to know about them. That’s fine with Adam.

However, when Adam finds out that Connor’s school knows he is gay, he blows up and inadvertently outs Jude in front of Donald. Donald, to the surprise of Jude, does not blink, telling Adam that their sons should be proud of who they are as people.

While Jude is saying goodbye to Donald, Callie shows up with Robert and Donald is devastated to see his adopted daughter with her biological father after she bailed on seeing him at brunch. Jude is angry at Callie for not appreciating that Donald had been there for her earlier in her life. Luckily, Callie later males peace with Donald.


Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) was reeling with guilt over having slept with Wyatt (Alex Saxon). On top of that, she’s ashamed to go to Ana’s (Alexandra) family’s father’s day party and acknowledge that she is her mother. The two share a moment where Mariana confesses to having slept with Wyatt. Ana tells her not to judge herself so harshly and the two women hold hands as they enter the party.