"Masterchef Junior" is FOX television's new hit show featuring children between the ages of 8 and 13 who can really cook. These home cooks were plucked from their kitchens and set up on one of the biggest stages in the world. Each night the contestants are given mystery baskets and are told to use their imaginations to create a restaurant worthy dish. See what happens on Friday's episode of "Masterchef Junior."

Tonight on "Masterchef Junior," it's restaurant takeover night; the kids are paired in teams to takeover an L.A restaurant from start to finish. The top 6 contestants have to work together and step up their game in order to match up in the progressing competition. Gordon Ramsay surprises the kids by telling them they're taking a "field trip" into the outside world to see how chefs in the real world operate. 

They arrive in downtown Los Angeles to meet their next challenge; Drago Central. The Italian restaurant will be the place where the kids will participate in the restaurant takeover. They will be separated in two teams of three to each serve one side of the restaurant. 

Dara gets to pick the first team, and Gavin, the second. The two will pick until the teams are filled. Dara picks Alexander, and then Gavin picks Troy. Next Dara goes for Jack and Gavin with Sarah. The diners will have no idea that there are kids making their foods instead of the usual chefs. The kids are then taken into the kitchen to see what they will be cooking with. 

The executive chef meets with the kids to explain to them how things work in the restaurant. They will be making two appetizers, as well as two entrees. The kids start to get overwhelmed both by the technique the executive chef shows them as well as the plating involved in producing such high quality dishes. The intensity heightens when they discover that they have 75 minutes to complete the food and get it served to the costumers. Then, Gordon Ramsay tells them that the dishes are to be tested both by executive chef, Ian as well as Gordon Ramsay himself. 

Almost immediately, the blue team (Gavin's team) starts to show a power struggle will delegating who will be in charge of what. The junior cooks have officially taken over the kitchen in order to prepare their meals for the evening. They have an hour of prep time where everything for the night needs to get done. Emotion run high as each team is pinned against one another during the prep time. The red team starts to have a difficult time with one of the entrees, the ravioli. Ramsay steps in to tell the red team where they are going wrong. 

As prep time in the kitchen comes to an end, the prep time is almost up and the dining room is filling up quickly. The junior chefs now have 75 minutes to serve all of the food to the entirely packed dining room of Drago Central. Ramsay starts shouting the order out to the junior chefs as they quickly scramble to get everything together. Dara says "When Gordon is yelling out the tickets to us, everything is going really, really fast." The red team works together well to complete orders while the blue team struggles to find cohesion. The blue team also struggles with the consistency of their plating. 

Alexander, from the red team says "The communication in our team is really bad, I'm about ready to pack my bags." With tension running high, the red team feels the pressure while trying to produce the restaurant quality dishes. After the dishes will be served to the diners, the judges will ask the diners what they thought of the food, although the final decision will still be theirs.  

Ramsay has more criticism for the red team as he notices that they team members are not on the same page. They quickly start communicating better and start working well together. The red team starts serving their appetizers and gets feedback from the customers that will later be noted by the judges. The junior chefs then find out the they will also be cooking for the owner and executive chef of the restaurant, chef Ian. Chef Ian names the better team with each dish he tries. After the appetizers have been served, the teams now have to prepare to send out their entrees. 

The judges praise the junior chefs for their work after all the people have been served and the reviews we given. The guests still don't know that it was junior chefs that cooked for them. The final decision will be made based on Chef Ian's decisions, the diners' reviews, the overall teamwork together and what the judges think of all three factors. 

The winning team of the restaurant takeover challenge was the red team moving them forward into the semi-finals. Troy, Sarah and Gavin from the blue team are now up for elimination. Eventually, the judges sent home Sarah and Gavin, sending Troy through as the last contestant in the semi-finals.