Local hero Charles Ramsey will reportedly be able to receive free burgers for life at numerous restaurants after he stopped eating McDonalds to save Amanda Berry and her daughter, along with Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus from Ariel Castro. According to Cleveland.com, more than a dozen Ohio restaurants have offered to give the Ohio resident a free burger whenever he wants one.

Ramsey doesn't have to worry about paying for a meal at AMP 150, Washington Place Bistro and InnFahrenheitMarket Garden BreweryBier MarktBar CentoNano BrewWelshfield InnHodgesPura Vida87 West at Crocker ParkOrchard HouseFlour and the Allegheny Grille, the local news site reported. 

"I heard screaming," Ramsey told reporters after saving the kidnapping victims on May 6. "I'm eating my McDonald's, I come outside, I see this girl going nuts trying to get out of her house. So I go on the porch and she says, ‘Help me get out, I’ve been here a long time.'" His lively interview soon made him a sensation on the Internet, with many creating memes and even auto-tuning his now-infamous statement. 

Ramsey told reporters he would donate any reward money to the victims, and one way his community figured they could thank him was with free burgers, Cleveland.com wrote  Tuesday. Hodges, the restaurant where he works as a dishwasher, created a burger in his honor shortly after the rescue. 

"It's an 8-ounce burger of Certified Angus Beef, with a secret sauce," chef-co-owner Chris Hodgson told the news outlet.  

"We want to honor our local hero with local food," Hodgson's partner, Scott Kuhn of Driftwood Restaurant Group, said. "He stopped his meal midway through to help those women. We're now making sure he has other opportunities to go out and fully enjoy his burger."

He was awarded a single-edition "Chuck Card," which is good for life. All he needs to do is present the card whenever he'd like to dine at one of the participating restaurants. Hodgson added that some restaurants might opt to throw in a soft-drink and some fries, but that's up to them. 

Soon after Ramsey's interview went viral, a Reddit post titled "Charles Ramsey deserves Free Big Macs for life. Who agrees?" garnered more than 19,000 upvotes. His original interview has been seen more than 7 million times on YouTube.