Hip Hop break-dancer Wayne Frosty Freeze Frost, who performed in the popular 80's film Flashdance died in New York City yesterday at the age of 44.

Frost, recognized for a great acrobatic ability and member of the Rock Steady Crew established in 1977, died Thursday morning at Mount Sinai Center after a long illness, the Associated Press reported.

Frosty had a very celebrative spirit. He was constantly educating people and helped preserve the rich history of urban and Hip Hop culture. He was 'the walking Hip Hop encyclopedia' and was one of the few brothers who had almost total recall in terms of history, wrote Jorge Fabel Pabon in his Myspace page, a senior vice president of the crew Frost belonged to.

Frosty's performances appeared in movies such as Flashdance, - the 1983 film for which the song What a Feeling was written - Wild Style, Style Wars and was the first b-boy to appear on a magazine cover.

A memorial for Frosty is expected to take place on April 11, according to Pabon.