Be still our teenage hearts! On Thursday, “Full House” alum Scott Weinger, who played D.J.’s (Candace Cameron-Bure) long-time boyfriend Steve, made all our 90-themed dreams come true when he confirmed that he would be reviving the beloved role in the Netflix spinoff “Fuller House.”

The actor announced the exciting news on Twitter along with a photo of the show’s premiere script, which is titled “Our Very First Show (Again)” -- a nod to the same-named series premiere episode of “Full House,” which aired in September 1987.

So what does Weinger’s participation on the show mean for Steve and D.J. -- everyone’s favorite SanFran couple (Sorry, Jesse [John Stamos] and Rebecca [Lori Loughlin]!)? Well, in May, Cameron-Bure revealed during an appearance at AOL Build that her character might not be so inclined to quickly start a relationship with her high school sweetheart, considering she’ll kick off the series as a recent widow.

“The reason that the name of the show is ‘Fuller House’ is because she was married to Tommy Fuller,” she revealed, explaining that much like her TV-father Danny (Bob Saget), she too will be a single parent following her husband’s death.

But just because D.J. didn’t end up marrying Steve doesn’t mean all hope is lost for the twosome. “Maybe she’s gonna rekindle her relationship,” the actress teased, leaving Steve-Jay shippers’ hearts a flutter.

The last time audiences saw D.J. and Steve together was during the series finale of “Full House.” In the episode “Michelle Rides Again (Part 2),” Steve makes his surprising debut to the Tanner household, hoping to escort D.J. to her prom after her original date bails out.

“Steve!” D.J. says in shock in the scene. “I missed you so much.” And we did, too!

Fans will be able to catch up with the pair when “Fuller House” streams to Netflix in 2016.