Is there anything worse than not being in a relationship for Valentine’s Day? For singles, or those who are romantically inept, Valentine’s Day is nothing more than an excuse for businesses to make money. Instead of roses, chocolate and heart-shaped cards, February 14 is filled with eye rolls and annoyance for those don’t participate in the “holiday” of love.

While it might seem like everyone else is having a fabulous time on Valentine’s Day with their played out personifications of affection, you’re not alone in thinking it's baloney. There are plenty of happy couple haters who loathe it. Thanks to the Internet, places like Twitter and Tumblr are a great place to check out if you’re someone who has a particular disdain for cupid and his heart-shaped arrows.

Some of the most popular memes online consists of evil glares, vomiting, booze, ice cream indulgence, and, of course, tissues and tears. Many have witty lines attached to the photos, which have helped make memes viral sensations on the Internet.

So, if you’re one of those people who are feeling especially down, or just want a good laugh, check out some of the popular memes being shared on Twitter for Valentine’s Day 2016. It just might make some people feel better to know they’re not alone in hating Feb. 14. Also, Singles Awareness Day is the day after, and candy is usually half-off the day that follows Valentine's Day.

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