Cast members Gwendoline Christie, Nathalie Emmanuel and Kit Harington talked about “Game of Thrones” and teased Season 6. Some of the cast members have been busy over the past few weeks filming their respective scenes for the show.

In an interview with TheSundayTimes, Christie (Brienne of Tarth) revealed that she had been filming fight scenes for three whole days “without ceasing and desisting.” The actress has just returned from Northern Ireland, where filming for the popular TV series has been ongoing for some time now.

The actress teased that the fight scenes were “really vicious,” “up-close” and “thuggish.” Christie did not disclose who she was fighting in the scene and who won the battle. “I can’t tell you. I could, but I’d have to maim you,” the actress teased. Her character was last seen in the northern parts of Westeros, where a massive battle was fought and a major character died.

Christie’s fellow cast member Emmanuel (Missandei) told MTV that the dynamics of Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) and her character will be “fun to watch” in “Game of Thrones” Season 6. The actress described Tyrion as “comical,” Missandie as “very straight and collected” and Grey Worm as “emotionless altogether, as far as we’re aware.”

Emmanuel explained that putting her character and Grey Worm with a funny character like Tyrion, who “talks a lot,” “is a bit of a drunk” and a “womanizer” will be “an interesting dynamic” on the show. The actress felt that her character on the show is a loyal and a “doting advisor” to Daenerys and her main goal is to keep the mother of dragons safe.

The fans of the franchise are eagerly waiting to know the fate of Jon Snow (Harington). According to a translation of Harington’s interview with Belgian magazine Humo, posted on Reddit, the actor has confirmed his return next year.

Harington said in the interview that “Game of Thrones” will remain a part of his life “for a while” and he added that he will be in his thirties when his association with the show is over. This suggests that the actor will be coming back for Season 6.