"Game of Thrones" Season 5, episode 5, titled "Kill the Boy," was the first episode that did not leak in April. Ser Barristan was mourned and Daenerys decided that justice was no longer on the table after "The Sons of the Harpy." If you're not a fan of what's happening in the North, you may have been disappointed by this episode. Let's look at the best moments from "Kill the Boy."

Warning: "Game of Thrones" Season 5 spoilers ahead.

Everyone's Talking About Daenerys

Daenerys has to make tough decisions in Meereen, as the Sons of the Harpy have killed Ser Barristan and Unsullied and severely wounded Grey Worm. She wants all the noble families to gather in the chamber holding her two dragons -- Viserion and Rhaegal. One member is burned and eaten, striking fear in the hearts of these powerful people.

It's also a perfectly timed Mother's Day episode. Dany talks about her children -- her dragons and the freed slaves -- and how she can't abandon them. Though there is adversity, Daenerys must stay committed to her cause. Though her anger gets the best of her in this scene, she quickly adopts the role of the calculated leader we've seen throughout "Game of Thrones" Season 5. Hizdah zo Loraq got more than he bargained for by the end of "Kill the Boy." Not only are the fighting pits reopened but he is also now set to marry Daenerys. Not bad for a guy who was saying "Valar Morghulis" -- "All men must die" -- in the beginning of the episode. 

Grey Worm is recovering but feels he has failed in his duties to Daenerys and the Unsullied. He's also in love with Missandei, which complicates matters.

While Daenerys is busy in Meereen, Maester Aemon gets news from Sam about his relative. It's a nice nod to the shared history between these two vastly different characters. Aemon and Daenerys are the last of the Targaryen line and are likely never to meet.

The Doom Of Valyria

Dany is trying to make peace in Meereen, while Jorah and Tyrion continue their journey to the city. Unlike the last road trip with Varys, this boat ride is lacking in witty banter. That's easily forgotten as we see the beautiful ruins of Valyria. The Doom of Valyria destroyed all the knowledge held in that empire -- such as Valryian steel, magic and other great secrets -- and eventually forced the Targaryens from their home to Westeros.

It takes only a close encounter with the Stone Men to get Jorah to talk to Tyrion. After nearly drowning, the two chat, but not before Jorah realizes he was touched by one of the men and sees the first sign of greyscale.

Jon Snow Makes The Tough Decisions

As things get heated in Meereen, winter is coming for the Night's Watch. "Kill the boy and let the man be born," Aemon says to Jon Snow. Jon has a predicament of his own. For readers -- and fans of "A Song of Ice and Fire" theory -- Jon and Daenerys are easy parallels, despite the thousands of miles that separate them.

Hin wants the Wildling to fight with the Night's Watch against the coming threat, and he recruits Tormund to rescue the remaining free folk north of the Wall. It's an unlikely but necessary truce. Of course, there's a catch -- Jon is heading to Hardhome with Stannis' fleet.

Jon's announcement does not go over well, but we do get a great stickler moment from Stannis, who shares a great grammar correction. The Gift -- the land just south of the Wall abandoned by farmers due to the numerous raids by groups of Wildlings -- is mentioned as an example of why the Night's Watch will not trust the free folk.

The White Walkers will make an appearance in "Game of Thrones" Season 5, and Sam needs to find out how to kill them. It looks like they are setting up a journey to the Citadel for Sam and Gilly. 

All's Well At Moat Cailin

Brienne and Podrick are waiting patiently to figure out their next move and rescue Sansa from Moat Cailin. Brienne tries to warn Sansa and recruits someone to deliver a message to her. We'll see if that plan backfires, since it seems like no one can keep a secret on "Game of Thrones."

Ramsay Bolton is completely unpleasant and tyrannical, isn't he? While the kennel master's daughter may not have many options, the North remembers Sansa. She has allies, but Moat Cailin remains a terrifying place even for Ned Stark's daughter. Time will tell if Sansa has learned from Littlefinger how to survive while surrounded by the Boltons.

With her reunion with Reek/Thon, Sansa's storyline continues to depart dramatically from George R.R. Martin's "ASOIAF" series. Despite his broken state, Sansa still thinks he killed her brothers Bran and Rickon.

Ramsay is sadistic and does his best to charm his soon-to-be bride. Sansa is openly defiant, but Ramsay is practically giddy with the cruel game he plays over dinner. Ramsay's idea of wooing her is to show off Theon's tortured story and have him apologize for killing her brothers. As he continues to dredge up the past, Ramsay has the brilliant idea of having Reek give her away. Roose Bolton recognizes what his son is up to and finds a way to humble him quickly. The smile on Sansa's face at the end of the scene was perfect.

Roose is going to be a father, so the theme of motherhood is strong in "Kill the Boy." Walda is pregnant, and that puts Ramsay's position as the Bolton heir in jeopardy. Ramsay just wants his father's approval, and the clash between the Boltons and Stannis will be a great bonding experience

In many ways, "Kill the Boy" did a lot of heavy lifting in setting up the second half of "Game of Thrones" Season 5. Stannis is riding to war, Jon is headed to Hardhome, and Sam could also be on a journey soon. The next phase of the conflict in Meereen was also established in this episode. There's still plenty of time to focus on Arya and Dorne next week, as "Game of Thrones" begins its sprint to the season finale.