One question many “Game of Thrones” fans want answered about Season 6 is whether the Sand Snakes will be back. Actress Jessica Henwick has confirmed that she will be reprising her role. Meanwhile, Isaac Hempstead Wright has posted a picture with Kristian Nairn on social media.

A video of an interview of Henwick with Red Carpet News TV shows the actress saying the fact that she is a part of the highly popular show will “sink in” when she returns next season. She also confirmed that she has read the script of Season 6.

Henwick plays Nymeria Sand, one of the illegitimate daughters of Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal). The character was introduced along with her sisters Obara (Keisha Castle-Hughes) and Tyene (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers) in the previous season. Together they are known as the Sand Sisters and are an important part of the plot in the kingdom of Dorne.

Henwick described the Sand Snakes as the “very vicious” daughters of Oberyn. She revealed that the “Game of Thrones” script jokes about her character learning to use the whip even before she was able to learn how to use a fork and a knife. Nymeria is said to be very confident in her abilities and Henwick added that it is unfortunate that we don’t get to see strong female characters in movies and on television.

Castle-Hughes talked about how excited she was when she first visited the sets of the show, but did not confirm her character returning next year. The actress talked about Obara Sand being the eldest sister among the Sand Snakes and also about the people of Dorne being a “bit more free.”

Two familiar characters who will be coming back in the next season are Bran Stark, played by Wright, and Hodor, played by Nairn. Wright shared this photo with his fellow cast member on his Instagram account. The two actors were not seen in Season 5 but will be coming back next year.

“Game of Thrones” cast members have all been travelling to Belfast as filming for Season 6 begins. Many of them have been spotted in the city, but the Sand Snakes have still not been seen in any of the pictures yet.