A subsidiary of Florida-based NeoMedia Technologies Inc. said on Friday it will strengthen its existing partnership with Omniprime, a Philippine mobile marketing company by finalizing a licensing contract.

The Germany-based subsidiary, Gavitec AG, a mobile technologies and marketing group, said the availability of Philippine government subsidies for its mobile and telephone market makes the country ideal for mobile marketing activities based on SMS or MMS.

Omniprime is an important partner in the East Asia Pacific region, and as of today is the only company in the Philippines offering mobile solutions for ticketing, couponing and payment based on code-reading technology from Gavitec, Dr. Christian Steinborn, a director of Gavitec AG said in a released statement.

Steinborn said the agreement will provide Gavitec with substantial sales opportunities, guaranteeing a minimum order volume of several hundred-thousand Euros annually.

Omniprime’s partners include Smart Communications, PLDT, Wolfpac Mobile and ABS-CBN-Interactive, as well as other leading Philippine network operators, mobile content providers and multimedia producers.