A fire in George Bush Park in Houston continues to burn relentlessly as firefighters try to squelch the grass fire that began on Tuesday.

Clouds of smoke can be seen beyond the 7,800 acres that make up George Bush Park in Houston, Texas, as a fire continues to ravage the wooded area.

According to CBS affiliate KHOU, the Houston Fire Department responded around 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday to a fire that started near the roadway and spread quickly into a wooded area with 22 pieces of equipment and over 60 firefighters.

We're going to have to attempt to make fire stops or breaks, Houston Fire Department Chief Rick Flanagan told ABC affiliate KTRK. As you can see, there are heavy wind conditions that have a great chance of carrying embers over to other areas. That's a big concern. That's a part of Mother Nature.

The fire is under investigation as no direct cause has been found yet.

No injuries have been reported and there are currently no plans for evacuation, according to KHOU.

This is the second fire that ravaged Geroge Bush Park, named after the former 41st president of the U.S., as a separate fire burned in a different area of the park on Monday.