There's one thing Amal Clooney doesn’t like about her famous Hollywood husband, George Clooney. It's when he wears the same T-shirt for a week. Clooney stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday and told the host Amal frowns upon him for this habit, according to People.

The actor even admitted he has not improved on that front. “Not much. I fake her out every once in a while. I get different colors of the same T-shirt,” he confessed. But he also admitted that now he gets less wardrobe space for his clothes.

The Hollywood heartthrob went on to say that after his marriage to Amal, things haven’t changed too much. George said his wife supports him in everything. The “Tomorrowland” actor was also grateful that his wife hasn’t taken away riding his motorcycle and other dangerous activities that he indulges in.

Clooney mocked tabloid covers that claimed he was either getting divorced or becoming a father. Kimmel recounted that he spent New Year’s Eve with the Clooneys, and the couple were so much in love and Amal was a lovely woman. The very next day Kimmel and his wife were at the supermarket, and he recalled how one magazine said, "Sham Marriage!" on its cover and then again two months later the same tabloid said, "George: I’m Finally Going To Be A Dad!" Clooney chimed in, the next one is going to be: "Sham Dad!"