“The Bachelor” star Jake Pavelka opened up on “Dr. Phil” about Gia Allemand’s death in an episode that will be shown Tuesday, People wrote. The reality-television personality was on the phone with her mother when she hanged herself in her New Orleans home, mom Donna Micheletti told the television psychologist, whose real name is Phillip Calvin McGraw.

McGraw sat down with Pavelka and Micheletti for a heartbreaking interview after the 29-year-old’s suicide on Aug. 14.

“I’ve never lost anybody close to me,” said Pavelka, 35. Allemand was on “The Bachelor” the same season as he was. “Gia really understood me. We got really close after the show. We had such a special relationship. I can’t tell you how lucky I feel that I knew her, but I wish it was not for such a short time, because I’ve never met anybody like her.”

Micheletti broke down in tears when she told McGraw that her daughter called her before she hanged herself. “I’m the closest person in the world to her, and she didn’t want to be alone when she left this world. So she wanted Mommy to be there, I guess. ... It destroys me, but if it made her feel better, then that’s fine,” she said. “I don’t mind dealing with this.”

According to a police report, the brunette beauty had argued with her boyfriend Ryan Anderson, an NBA player. She suspected he had been unfaithful. Another source said Allemand was upset Anderson hadn’t proposed yet. He was the one who found her unconscious in their apartment on Aug. 12 and attempted CPR before she was taken to a hospital and placed on life support. Allemand died two days later.

“I’m really mad that she did this for no reason,” Micheletti said. “In 12 hours, it would have been fine. I’m really angry.”

According to a source who spoke to Radar Online, there weren’t any signs that Allemand was suicidal. “There were literally no red flags that Gia would take her own life,” the source said. “Even with how upset Gia was over the rift in her relationship with Ryan, friends just cannot believe she would commit suicide over it. The whole thing is just heartbreaking.”

The insider told Radar Online: “Gia and Ryan were a happy couple. It’s unfair to categorize their relationship as rocky, but in the weeks leading up to her death they did have their first major fight. And because their relationship was so solid for the most part, Gia had expressed her sadness that Ryan hadn’t proposed to her yet, telling friends she was upset over it.”