A giant 16 pound baby was born in Texas on Friday. Baby JaMichael, nicknamed 'Moose,' was born to mother Janet Johnson and father Michael Brown.

He was delivered via Caesarean section by Dr. John Kirk. Before he was born, Dr. Kirk already knew he was going to be big, estimating that the baby would weigh 12 or 13 pounds, reported ABC News.


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He said the mother's gestational diabetes contributed to the baby's size.

JaMichael is believed to be the biggest baby ever born in Texas. Historically, though, he's got some stiff competition.

In 1879, a baby born to Anna Bates and Martin Van Buren Bates, both over 7 feet tall, weighed 23 pounds, although he only survived 11 hours.

In 1955, a baby born in Italy weighed 22 pounds and survived. In 2009, a baby born in Indonesia weighed 19 pounds.

Below are photos and pictures of baby JaMichael.