The deadly police helicopter crash late Friday night at Glasgow's Clutha pub has left eight dead and 32 injured. Rescue crews are working to clear debris and the wreckage as authorities look for a cause for the crash.

Authorities said Saturday the deceased included two policemen and the pilot of the helicopter, reports the Associated Press. The other five people killed were patrons of the bar, and of the 32 injured, 14 were still hospitalized for serious injuries. Chief Constable of Police Scotland Stephen House estimated more than 100 people were in the Clutha pub at the time of the helicopter crash and there may be more people trapped inside, reports AP.

The pub was extremely busy as a ska band was performing and it was the night before a national holiday, St. Andrew's Day. Authorities are still working to clear the wreckage and have been unable to get into most of the building. The band playing on Friday, Esperanza, posted a statement on Facebook saying, "Despite the situation everyone was so helpful and caring of each other. The police, ambulances, firefighters all did a stellar job and continue to do so today in extremely difficult conditions."

First Minister Alex Salmond said in a statement, "This is a black day for Glasgow and for Scotland. Our condolences go to those who will be bereaved, our solidarity with those who have been injured. But it’s also St. Andrew’s Day and it’s a day we can take pride and courage in how we respond to adversity and tragedy, and the response from our emergency services and ordinary citizens has been exemplary."

Queen Elizabeth II and British Prime Minister David Cameron also expressed their condolences. Flags will be flown at half-mast outside of Scottish government and historic buildings.

Authorities have yet to comment on a possible cause for the crash and Saturday saw continued rescue efforts as more than 100 firefighters, as well as search and rescue dogs, worked to clear wreckage and secure the area as the building has been deemed unstable, reports AP. Authorities expect the investigation to continue for several days.