“Glee” Season 6 is going back to the beginning, and that means bringing the cast back to Lima, Ohio. Something important will bring Broadway star Rachel Berry home for the final 13 episodes: she will relaunch the New Directions, according to TV Line. The glee club’s return is no surprise since the show announced that they were looking for five new high school students. However, longtime fans will recall that the only thing the characters on “Glee” ever wanted was to leave Lima, so why does Rachel want to go home and revive New Directions? We thought of a few theories.

Her TV show failed: Rachel dropped out of her prestigious performing arts college to star in “Funny Girl,” and then gave up her critically acclaimed Broadway role to make a TV pilot. As a Broadway fan, Rachel should have known that it was a risky move. Stage actors go out for pilot season every year just to return to New York after a few months. After slamming the door on college and the stage, Rachel might not have anywhere to go but home.

Rachel hated Hollywood: Sure, Rachel is talented and loves attention, but the actress hated high school. She wasn’t popular and didn’t deal well with people who made fun of her. So how is she going to handle paparazzi, internet scrutiny and mean casting directors? She might realize that she doesn’t need a huge spotlight to be happy in life.

She’s a huge star giving back: Rachel might have a good heart, but it’s hard for her to show it sometimes. Going back to her home and re-launching New Directions would be great publicity. This would also make sense with the time jump that Ryan Murphy has planned.Rachel could take a few years to get famous, allowing the character to catch up to Lea Michele’s age and then she could be the new Will Schuester. While Rachel’s fame is unconfirmed, the time jump is the only thing that seems definite. The casting notice for new high school students also called a football player “post-Glee” gay. That implies that McKinley High has gone through some major changes since audiences saw McKinley in Season 5, and changes like that usually take at least a few years.

Rachel wants to fulfill Finn’s dreams: Ryan Murphy revealed that Finn would have taken over for Will Schuester as the leader of the glee club if Cory Monteith were still alive. It was becoming clear in Season 4 that Finn would be taking that career path, and his ex-girlfriend could probably see that. Rachel, still heartbroken over his death, might want to fulfill that dream for him.

We can figure out plenty of reasons for Rachel to return to Lima, but we can’t exactly determine why any other cast members would go back with her. Kurt, Blaine, Mercedes and Artie all seemed pretty happy with their lives outside of Lima, Ohio.

“Glee” returns to Fox in winter 2015. What could bring the rest of the cast back? Share your theories in the comments section below!