“The Good Wife” returned Sunday, Oct. 5, with episode 3, titled “Dear God.” The hit CBS series seemed, finally, ready to answer the question fans had been asking since last season – will Alicia (Julianna Margulies) run for State’s Attorney? However, she would first have to deal with Cary’s (Matt Czuchry) continued legal troubles.

The episode began with Cary at a pre-trail service hearing for his release on bail. Cary was struggling with the merger between Diane (Christine Baranski) and her Lockhart/Gardner partners with Florrick/Agos, as well as losing clients after his stint in jail. He had also begun seeing Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) again.

However, Cary does get some good news when Dianne tells him that Trey (Samuel Smith), the star witness in the case against him and one of Bishop’s (Mike Colter) men who Kalinda had discovered was an F.B.I. informant, went missing. The good news did not last long though, as the prosecution in the case asked for revocation of bail after claiming Kalinda intimidated Trey on orders from Cary, and another hearing was set up.

Later, Alicia met with Cary’s pre-trial service officer (Linda Lavin) where she detailed how current State’s Attorney James Castro (Michael Cerveris) threatened to keep Cary held up in legal limbo if she continued to pursue running against him (which she continued to swear she was not doing).

On top of all this, an unconventional -- and very religious -- judge (Robert Sean Leonard) made things very difficult for Alicia and Cary in a patent law case by instituting biblical law into the case. After the judge oddly allowed the clients to speak directly to each other in court, they reached an agreement without the help of their lawyers.

Alicia later went to a fundraiser for her husband (Chris Noth) where she continually denied claims that she was entering the race for State’s Attorney. However, she seemed to become undecided when she ran into famed feminist icon Gloria Steinem (playing herself) who encouraged her to run. Then, Eli (Alan Cumming) told Alicia that if she did not decide by the next day, her husband would endorse Castro.

Back at the courthouse, the pre-trial officer was called upon to weigh in Cary’s bail bond hearing. After she testified in his favor, Cary was allowed to remain free on bail.

After the hearing though, Castro caught up with Alicia, threatening her one more time with blackmail to prevent her from running for State’s Attorney. It was the last straw. Alicia went to Eli’s office where she finally decided to enter the race after all.

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