Web surfers have discovered a new type of sightseeing: logging onto a Google Street View website to watch prostitutes in the act of soliciting johns.

The website DoxySpotting.com hosts an extensive archive of photos and feeds from locations frequented by sex workers around the world.

The Daily Mail says the women are unaware that they are being captured by the search engine's cameras that then upload the images to the Web.

The British tabloid reports having viewed footage of prostitutes in Nice, France; Taguantigal and Sau Paulo in Brazil;  Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield in England; and also places in the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Mexico and Thailand. The the site contains more than 5,000 locations in total.

In the photos, women can be seen, often scantily clad, waiting for customers, sometimes approaching vehicles, or conversing with other prostitutes.

DoxySpotting.com’s administrator, who requested to remain anonymous, told the Daily Mail that he discovered he could zoom in on these working women in a bout of boredom.

“To kill time I began exploring exotic places on Street View to take a mini-vacation,” he said.

“That got a little boring after a couple of days, so I was looking to spot something new - the seediest thing you could find on Google Street View,” he continued.  

“At first I did not record the sightings. But it became apparent that Google Street View was full of prostitutes -- more than I ever expected! -- I quickly created a website to record and share my findings.”

According to the Daily Mail, some viewers apparently use the site to find red light districts near them.

The anonymous administrator says some of his favorite locations are Spain and Italy.

“I have a preference for Spain. Most of the prostitutes I've spotted in Spain look hot. And Madrid is such a raunchy city. One of my most precious spottings is an amazingly hot-looking, busty hooker in Madrid's Zona Industrial de Villaverde,” he said.

“I also like the Italian broad that advertised her services with her boobs out while sitting next to her van - and the construction workers nearby certainly did not mind the view.”