The US government on Wednesday has issued warning to all the airlines after receiving intelligence reports that terrorist are considering surgically implanting explosives in the bodies of suicide bombers.

There is no indication of an immediate threat, but the new information could lead to additional screening procedures at the nation's airports, LA Times reported.

The Transportation Security Administration issued a statement which said that travelers heading to the US from foreign nations may notice screeners taking additional protections.

Measures might include interaction with passengers, in addition to the use of other screening methods such as pat-downs and the use of enhanced tools and technologies, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) spokesman Nicholas Kimball said.

These measures are designed to be unpredictable, so passengers should not expect to see the same activity at every international airport, Kimball said.

Explosive materials like PETN under the skin are not detected by existing scanners. For scanning such explosive materials the authority would have to rely on explosive trace detection swabs.