Jazmin Grace Grimaldi channeled Grace Kelly in the new Harper’s Bazaar fashion spread. The 23-year-old paternal granddaughter of the Hollywood icon has made her first official debut into the public eye by featuring in the magazine. In the shoot, she pays tribute to her grandmother by channeling old Hollywood glamour.

The singer and actress, who currently resides in New York, said she was introduced to Kelly through her films. The 1956 film “High Society” is by far one of her favorite movies, as well as memories involving her grandmother. As a child, her mother used to show her pictures of Kelly, but she had no idea how big an icon Kelly was.

From her childhood memories of her grandmother’s pictures, a particular one still remains etched in her mind. Grimaldi loves a picture in which Kelly is seen in a bathing suit with an orange in hand with a stick, Huffington Post  reported. She loves the natural and carefree spirit of her grandmother that is reflected in the picture.

The eldest daughter of Prince Albert II of Monaco -- from his brief relationship with Californian Tamara Rotolo -- Grimaldi got a place in the royal family in 2006, after her father acknowledged her as his daughter. Jazmin has since been welcomed warmly by the prince and his wife, Princess Charlene. Jazmin has traveled to Monaco many times to bond with the family. The blonde beauty’s focus is now on spending time with her new siblings, Gabriella, Countess of Carladès, and Jacques, Monaco’s heir apparent.

She launched her solo career with a cabaret-style showcase, “Fall in Love With Jaz,” at Manhattan's Duplex Theatre in February. Trained in opera, Jazmin is planning another show this fall. Having attended Fordham University, she now has set her eyes on a graduate degree in international relations. Grimaldi has worked for the United Nation’s World Food Programme.

In the shoot photographed by Michael Avedon, whose late grandfather Richard Avedon photographed Grace Kelly, and styled by Joanna Hillman, Grimaldi is draped in five elegant gowns from designers Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang Bride, Ralph Lauren Collection, Dolce and Gabbana and Michael Kors. Her hair is styled in a blonde bob, like her late grandmother’s, and her makeup is kept simple to highlight her creamy complexion. Harper’s Bazaar took to Instagram and shared a picture from the shoot.