Details have been leaked about the new RockStar game Grand Theft Auto V the day before its Nov. 2 trailer is released.

The leak puts the series back in San Andreas, a recreation of California with a pinch of Nevada and Arizona mixed in. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was the first game to feature the fictional state, and the three major cities of the game included Los Santos (Based on Los Angeles), San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas). Supposedly all three major cities are back, bigger and more detailed than ever.

The protagonist is named Adrian, and is seemingly a Hispanic gangster. The game takes place in 2012 and the Mayan end-of-the-world theory is played off a lot in the game. The game supposedly starts in Los Santos as Andria is beat up and robbed, left on a rival gang's turf, Varrios Los Aztecas. With gangs back in the mix, the gang turf war mechanic is also back. The feature had players fight off waves of enemy gang members. If they survived the encounter they acquire the contested territory.

Apparently the military is also back in GTA V. Players will now be chased by the National Guard when they reach six stars of wanted level. The cover system has been upgraded and will play more smoothly. There will also be more girlfriends to woo. Parachutes are supposedly back, so air travel will once again be a bigger part of the game.

Multiplayer will return to the game, with 32-player matches for the console and 64-player games on the PC. There will also be a co-op story mode in GTA V.

Money also plays a big part of the new game. The teaser image supports that theory, since the V in the title looks like it was printed on a dollar bill. The game seemingly revolves around a big drug shipment that many gangs are fighting over, but not much more is known. The fifth installment also refers to Grand Theft Auto IV throughout the game.

In GTA IV the player had to make a moral choice that affected the end of the game. The mechanic seems to be back now with four different unique ending possible.

These rumors come from 4chan via The 4chan chat rooms are basically the Wild West saloon of the Internet, so news items coming from the forum must be viewed skeptically. The poster claims to be an employee of RockStar with a non-disclosure agreement, so the post was put up anonymously.

Though the source may be a little dubious, it does conform to the rumors we've heard so far. We won't have to wait long for confirmation as RockStar will release a trailer for the game Nov. 2.