John Stamos will not get to make audiences laugh with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on Netflix's reboot of "Full House" (as of now, anyway), but the actor had some fun at the twins' expense on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Tuesday. While promoting his new Fox series, "Grandfathered," Stamos poked fun at the Olsen twins with host Jimmy Kimmel while expressing hope that they would eventually join the cast of "Fuller House." 

"Fuller House" is in production and set to premiere on Netflix in 2016, but Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who together played Michelle Tanner on the original series, have yet to decide whether they will be a part of the highly anticipated reboot. Stamos, who played the twins' uncle, Jesse Katsopolis, will return for the Netflix show, but seems a bit disappointed that the Olsens have not signed on as well. The actor told Kimmel that he would be doing things differently with the twins who star as his granddaughter on "Grandfathered." 

"I had them sign a contract," said Stamos, after joking that he only works with twins, "that says if we ever do a reunion show of 'Grandfathered' in 25 years, you kids have to be on it."

Kimmel later asked Stamos about "Fuller House" and the Olsen twins' lack of involvement. 

"The invitation is there," said Stamos. "I understand they are doing other things, but we'd love to have them." 

Watch Stamos' interview with Jimmy Kimmel below:

Stamos was on Kimmel's show to promote "Grandfathered." In the new Fox sitcom, Stamos plays a lifelong bachelor who gets the shock of a lifetime when he finds out that he has a son, played by Josh Peck, and a granchild.

Watch the trailer for "Grandfathered" below:

Will fans get to see Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on "Fuller House?" Only time will tell. As for John Stamos, the premiere of "Grandfathered" will air Sep. 29 on Fox.