Greek newspaper Kathimerini reported Sunday evening that the pro-bailout New Democracy party will win Greece’s election by more than 1 percentage, citing an estimate from Antenna TV based on exit polls.

The latest exit poll from Antenna has ND grabbing between 28.6 percent and 30 percent of the tally; with far-left Syriza winning between 27 percent and 28.4 percent.

The Socialist Pasok is at a distant third place, with between 11 percent and 12.5 percent.

Based on these figures, Greece state TV forecasts that the new Athens Parliament would be give ND, 127 seats (including the bonus of 50 seats for winning the election): Syriza, 72: Pasok, 32; Independent Greeks, 21; Golden Dawn, 19, Democratic Left, 16, and Communist Party of Greece, 13.

As a result, the two parties which support austerity, ND and Pasok, with a total of 159 seats, would have a slight majority.

However, since exit polls only cover 80 percent of the ballots, another exit poll will be taken later.

There are also reports that the first official results will be delayed.