Episode 11 of “Grey’s Anatomy” left us in a sea of tissues. The Season 11 installment focused on the heartbreaking storyline of Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April’s (Sarah Drew) baby, who was diagnosed with having the Type 2 disease of osteogenesis imperfecta by the not-so-empathetic Dr. Herman (Geena Davis).

Dr. Herman bluntly revealed to the devastated couple all the complications that their baby would face -- including dying a few hours after being delivered. But it wasn’t even the death sentence that hit April hard, it was when Dr. Herman explained that her son’s bones were so brittle that they were breaking inside of her uterus.

“So, he’s in pain?” April asked in tears, wondering how her son could be harmed in the safest place for a fetus. Following the gut-wrenching news, April and Jackson relayed all the horrific information to Jackson’s mother who then gave them her thoughts on how to proceed.

“You’re going to look at him and memorize every little detail of his face. And you’re going to do that for as long as he lives. And you’re going to do that until God takes him,” Jackson’s mom stated.

That’s when April clung to her faith for comfort. “Maybe God won’t take him,” she questioned. “Maybe there will be a miracle.”

Shonda Rhimes, creator behind the hit ABC medical drama, took the theme of “miracles” and then applied it to the episode’s tragedy of the day: A woman had been accidentally shot in the neck by her duck-hunting husband.

While the doctors were trying to remove the pellets lodge into their patient’s neck, the wounded woman revealed she was having abdominal pain. As it turned out – she was pregnant!

“That’s impossible,” she said while in labor. The patient revealed multiple doctors told her that she and her husband were unable to conceive. But from the baby protruding from her womb, it looked like they were wrong. By the end of episode 11, the two were proud parents to a little girl.

Meanwhile, Dr. Herman had April and Jackson sign contracts in preparation of their child’s birth -- and death. However, April couldn’t find the strength to end her baby’s life on paper before it even began. That’s when she stormed out of the hospital with Jackson trailing behind her.

“If this is a test, I fail,” April said, questioning her faith to her husband. She couldn’t understand why God had played such a cruel trick on her.

April wasn’t the only one feeling distraught by the child’s diagnosis. Her co-workers were all emotionally affected by the news, specifically Stephanie (Erika Hinton) who revealed while lighting a candle for the child that she had previously wished terrible things for April and Jackson after her ex-boyfriend had left her for the redheaded doctor.

“It’s not on you,” Jo (Camilla Luddington) said, soothing her friend after her confession.

While Jo tried to calm Stephanie down, Alex (Justin Chambers) attempted to reassure Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) that her children were safe under the watch of Jo. But Mer had no interest in “Jo the hoodlum” babysitting her kids. That’s when she went on a wild goose chase looking for someone to take her weekend shift and watch her kids so she could visit Derek and have “emergency sex.”

Eventually Dr. Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) stepped up to the plate to take on Mer’s shift. After all, he’s done his fair share of screwing up relationships and he didn’t want Meredith to follow in his footsteps. But Webber taking her shift only solved one of Mer’s dilemmas – that is, until Maggie (Kelly McCreary) offered to watch the kids. Maggie explained that she’s actually pretty good with children and that she would love some time to spend with her niece and nephew. So, she scored the gig.

But the episode didn’t end on such an uplifting note. Before April admitted herself back into the hospital to give birth to her child, she ran into the mysterious and incompetent intern who seemed to be screwing things up for the doctors at Grey Sloan. However, she wasn’t an intern – she didn’t even work there. April pieced together that the scrub-donning woman was the fiancée of the patient who died the night before. The woman had been wandering around the hospital suffering from her loss. April wrapped her arms around the crying woman, giving her comfort and showing empathy.

That’s when April found the courage to induce her labor and give birth to little Samuel (that’s the name she decided on). Following his birth, their son was baptized and spent his final moments in the arms of his mother.

“He squeezed my finger and then he let go,” April stated. Their child had lived for 43 minutes before dying.

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