Move over, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Owen (Kevin McKidd)! It looks like Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital just found themselves a new, hot couple for us to gush over. According to TVLine, a tall, dark and handsome hunk will be entering a Season 11 storyline on “Grey’s Anatomy” during episode 18 titled “When I Grow Up.” But who is this mysterious character that will be catching the eyes of our favorite scrub-donning ladies?

Well, his name is Jack Pruitt and he’ll be portrayed by “True Blood” alum Kevin Alejandro. Jack has been described as “strong, rugged and tall,” which are just some of the many reasons the women of “Grey’s Anatomy” will become infatuated with him. But that’s not all we know about Alejandro’s character. We have also learned the actor will portray the role of a police captain and we have to admit, he looks pretty darn good in uniform -- even if it's covered in blood!

The summary for episode 18, which is set to air on Thursday, April 2, teases that Jack will make his debut on "Grey's" after two injured cops are rushed to the emergency room, putting a startling halt to a school field trip. But don’t fret! Jack won’t be the officer in dire need of assistance. From the promo images of “When I Grow Up," it’s revealed that the new character will only sustain a leg injury, one that Callie (Sarah Ramirez) will be assigned to tend to.

Could this be the bloody start to a beautiful relationship? We sure hope so! We do, however, have some doubts that Jack will be Callie’s rebound from Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) -- even though Ramirez claimed it wouldn’t be out of the norm for her character to move on from her breakup with a man. “You have to remember that Callie likes men as well,” the actress told TVLine. “So… who knows?” 

One reason we doubt a possible Callie/Jack relationship will happen is because thus far Alejandro’s character has only been confirmed to appear in one episode, which means Callie will either have a fling with the wounded police officer or not at all. We’re also doubting this potential budding relationship because Arizona’s ex is already teased to have some sort of chemistry with a blond woman, which fans will see in the forthcoming episode, “Don’t Dream It’s Over.”

Although Callie’s love life is still up in the air, it was revealed that Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) will find herself smitten with a Grey Sloan Memorial visitor in episode 18 after she lays eyes on the class trip chaperone played by “Hawaii Five-0” star Taylor John Smith.

What do you think of the sexy, new storylines of “Grey’s Anatomy”? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts and don’t forget to tune into episode 16 of Season 11 when “Don’t Dream It’s Over” airs Thursday, March 19, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC. Episode 18 premieres April 2.