Being the best man at a wedding is as high an honor as you can receive. Think about it, you get to watch your best friend get married to the love of his life. Standing next to him side by side, you get to be a first hand witness of true love … unless of course, you’re this guy.

As this groom approaches the altar, he gets up onto the stage and gives ever one of his groomsmen a hug. When he gets to his best man, he hugs him and then delivers a slap right across his face. As you hear the crowd erupt with laughter, you may be asking yourself why the groom would do something like that to his best man. Well, it’s all in the name of the slap bet. Rather than oweing the other person money, they get to slap you a specific amount of times, whenever te urge strikes them. 

Lose a bet, get slapped anytime, anyplace. Clearly the groom thought this moment would suffice.