While Marvel Studio’s next “Guardians of the Galaxy” is more than two years away, the characters are starting to come together for Disney XD’s cartoon version of the team. Disney has confirmed that it’s cast voices for the roles of Rocket Racoon, Groot and Star Lord – and one of them is perfect to explore the Galaxy as he’s already met the world.

Will Friedle, also known as Eric Mathews from Disney's “Boy Meets World” and recently “Girl Meets World,” will lend his voice to the role that Chris Pratt made famous on the big screen, Star Lord. Marvel and Disney announced they were making a "Guardians of the Galaxy" cartoon in October following the immense popularity of the 2014 film. 

This isn’t Friedle’s first time voicing a popular Marvel character in one of its Disney XD cartoons. Previously he voiced Deadpool in the “Ultimate Spider-Man” series. The character, which Ryan Reynolds will try to bring to life in 2016, is a very dark persona for a children’s cartoon, but Friedle managed it to play it perfectly, giving fans a reason to be excited for his role in “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Joining Friedle in voicing “Guardians” are Kevin Michael Richardson and Trevor Devall, who will voice Groot and Rocket Raccoon respectively, according to The Wrap. The duo revealed their roles in short videos posted to Marvel Entertainment’s Twitter account in which they sampled the character’s voices while announcing their involvement.

Devall also made an appearance in the “Ultimate Spider-Man” series during a crossover episode where he played Rocket Raccoon.  Meanwhile, Richardson’s voice may also sound familiar as he voiced Cleaveland Jr. on Fox’s “The Cleveland Show” until it was canceled in 2013. 

Marvel and Disney XD have not set a release date for “Guardians of the Galaxy” but have plans to release it sometime in 2015.  The show will join the network’s Marvel block of TV with “Ultimate Spider-Man” and “Avengers Assemble,” which take place in the same universe.