Shayne Riggleman, a 22-year-old man from West Virginia whose murder spree took lives of five people, including a pregnant woman, killed himself in Kentucky Monday while being chased by the police, said the state police in Uniontown.    

According to the police, Shayne killed Charles Richardson III, 49, his wife Karin Richardson, 50, Robert Raber Jr., 30, Katrina Hudson, 22, who was six months pregnant, and Kevin Hudson, 17. Katrina and Kevin were the Richardson couple's two children. He also ran over a woman and shot his seventh victim.

Defining the incident as horrific, Kentucky State Police Capt. James Merrill told the West Virginia Metro News, It was one of those things you won't forget.

The police discovered the bodies from a house a few miles away from Morgantown, W. Va. Two victims were found in the kitchen, one in the living room and two in the bathroom. The weapon that was used to shoot was a high-powered rifle, they believe. 

After the killings, Riggleman drove about 20 miles to Fairchance, Pa., and met a friend who informed the police about his killings. While leaving from Fairchance, Riggleman mowed down an elderly woman, who later was identified as Sidney Lee Bush, 60, an employee of Fayette County.

Bush was taken to Uniontown (Pa.) Hospital with multiple fractures, numerous cuts and bruises, police said.

After hitting Bush with his car, Riggleman fled to Kentucky, but stopped at an Exxon station in Roane County, W.Va., where he shot Donald Nickles, a gas station attendant. Nickles' condition is critical but he will survive, said the police.

Later, while driving to Kentucky, Riggleman was pulled over by the police, and he shot and killed himself. 

The police found two high-powered rifles, a handgun, alcohol and stolen credit cards in the vehicle. 

The police, in their primary stage of investigation, have found that Riggleman was an acquaintance of the Richardson family but the motive behind the murders is unclear. Riggleman's Facebook account gives a clue as he posted his discontent with the fact that he could not join the military and that he had no job.