Since Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton confirmed that they are in a romantic relationship, the two have been battling marriage and pregnancy rumors. And the latest addition to the hearsay is that Stefani is insisting that Shelton sign a prenuptial agreement. But the rumor has been debunked by Gossip Cop, which discredits celebrity rumors.

In its latest issue, OK! magazine, cited by Gossip Cop, said that Stefani and Shelton are having a “prenup battle.” The report said that the couple is “all business” when it comes to their future, and after a “devastating divorce” from Gavin Rossdale, Stefani is “determined to protect herself — and her $100 million fortune — no matter how smitten she may be.”

OK! magazine further claimed that “before Gwen agrees to marry Blake, she’s insisting on a prenup which states that ‘they’ll keep whatever they went into the marriage with, and any projects they do together will be evenly split.’”

“She also wants a so-called ‘cheating penalty’ — to the tune of $3 million,” the magazine wrote.

“He [Shelton] was taken aback,” a source told the magazine, according to Gossip Cop. “He felt like it would jinx their relationship and was offended that she’d think he’s the kind of guy who would take her money.”

But, according to the report, Shelton agreed to Stefani’s demands mainly because the two are rumored to be expecting a baby.

“Blake knows Gwen has been through a lot, so he’s fine with signing a prenup if it makes her happy. They want to get this out of the way so they can concentrate on the exciting times ahead,” the source told the magazine.

However, a representative for Stefani told Gossip Cop that OK! magazine’s claims were not true.

Stefani, 46, reportedly is not planning to take any big step with 39-year-old Shelton unless her three sons are on board with her.

“[Stefani] definitely tells her kids what’s going on and runs things by them all the time,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She wants their wellbeing accounted for, and if and when she goes through another marriage, she wants the kids to be on board. They really like Blake, but she definitely wants to make sure they’re okay, since the divorce is still very fresh for the kids.”