As Halloween rolls around, you and your group of friends may still be stumped on the best costumes for Oct. 31, especially as costume ideas become repetitive (hello, Angry Birds) and Halloween stores begin selling out. Rather than keep looking for an individual costume this Halloween, take our advice: there are many fun and easy group costumes that you can still put together.

Whether your group wants a costume idea to help embrace their inner geek, like Hermione Granger and the Potter Boys or the cast of Mario Bros. (and Sisters), or whether creativity is the most important part of your friends' Halloween costumes, like becoming famous paintings or personifying the Seven Deadly Sins, we guarantee our ten suggestions will fit the bill for best, easiest, and most fun.

The best part? All our group costume ideas work for women and for men, and all 2011 Halloween costumes can be put together at the last minute with some easy purchases and enough determination. From Batman's Gotham Girls in The Dark Knight Rises to a Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street smackdown, both women and men get to embrace their inner child this year with some of the ten best group costumes.

Happy Halloween!

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