A Kansas girl has died from a rare brain-eating amoeba. WDAF-TV, Kansas City, reports Hally Yust died Wednesday, following hospitalization for meningitis-like symptoms.

Testing later determined the girl had been infected by Naegleria fowleri, a brain-eating amoeba that lives in fresh water. The organism can also be found in imporperly cleaned swimming pools.

Since the Yust family had recently traveled to several bodies of water, health officials say they are unable to determine where the young girl was infected.

Hally's parents told WDAF they are grieving the loss of their daughter but want to encourage other parents not to be afraid of visiting bodies of water with their children.

“We want you to know this tragic event is very, very rare and this is not something to be fearful about,” the Yusts said in a statement Friday. “Our family is very active in water sports, and we will continue to be.”