London-based instant-noodle maker, Kabuto Noodles, has started a new service that promises the city's partygoers not only a cab ride to work after a night of partying, but also a few pick-me-ups along the way.

“Kab-U-To-Work,” which has come to be known as the “hangover taxi,” picks up office-goers from their home and drives them to work while ministering them with noodles, orange juice, breathmints, and asiprin and sunglasses to take care of the morning-after headache. 

On its website, Kabuto Noodles says: “We often get told that a steaming pot of Kabuto Noodles has rescued a fuzzy head, so we’ve decided to go an extra step further and create the ultimate hangover cure. Introducing Kab-U-To-Work!”

“What could be more convenient when you’re hung over than a door-to-door taxi service and a Kabuto Hangover Pack to get you back to your desk in a fit enough state to face your inbox and your colleagues?” Crispin Busk, founder of Kabuto Noodles, told the Daily Mail.

And, users of the service seem to be a satisfied lot, judging by their tweets.

A customer tweeted about the experience: “@KabutoNoodles are hangover saviours! Hooked me up with juice, great noodles &the nicest, most efficient cab driver this morning #kabutowork.”

Another customer tweeted that not only did the “hangover taxi” drop her to work, they also provided “my very own personalized chopsticks.”

The service currently operates only in London, but according to the noodle company's website, they plan to expand it to other cities in 2014.