Hannah Anderson, the 16-year-old girl who was kidnapped by James DiMaggio, reportedly exchanged phone calls and letters with her abductor, the Los Angeles Times wrote Friday. Search warrants showed the Southern California blonde had “extensive communication” with the man who is believed to have murdered and tortured her mother Christina Anderson and brother Ethan Anderson. So was she an accomplice or an innocent victim?

The case has gotten stranger and stranger, with one thing being how DiMaggio got Hannah Anderson to the Idaho wilderness from Southern California. However, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department representative Jan Caldwell, who wouldn’t comment directly on the specifics of recently revealed search warrants, said the teenager was a victim, echoing Sheriff Bill Gore, who previously said she “was not a willing participant.”

“As Sheriff Gore said earlier in the week, Hannah is a victim in every sense of the word,” Caldwell said in an email quoted by the L.A. Times. “Our follow-up investigation has not changed that sentence.”

A multistate Amber Alert was issued for Hannah Anderson Aug. 4 after her mother and brother’s charred bodies were found in DiMaggio’s burning house in California near the Mexican border. He reportedly lured the family into his home by telling them he was moving to Texas and wanted to say “goodbye” to them.

DiMaggio, who was shot by a FBI operative after Hannah Anderson was found, was a close family friend who the Anderson children called “Uncle Jim.” According to the warrants, Hannah Anderson had recently taken several day trips with DiMaggio, including a minivacation to Malibu and Hollywood.

The 16-year-old is believed to have gone to her Ask.fm account last Tuesday night to answer questions about the ordeal. The exchanges have since been taken down. Hannah Anderson reportedly said DiMaggio “got what he deserved” and that she wished she could have done more to save her mother and her brother.

Anderson’s father told reporters on Thursday his daughter was doing good day by day,” the L.A. Times said.