Well, it all comes down to this. While no other network or streaming service, nor any amount of internet petitions from “Fannibals,” seemed to have saved “Hannibal,” Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) can still save Reba (Rutina Wesley) in the Season 3 finale of the canceled NBC series. With just one more hour to bring Will and Hannibal’s (Mads Mikkelsen) complex, disturbed relationship to a close, how will it all go down in episode 13, “The Wrath of the Lamb?”

Will has always felt like a pawn in a greater game being played by the God complex-suffering Hannibal, but according to the synopsis for the final episode, Will plans to turn the tables on his mentor/nemesis. Will has a new plan to capture (or perhaps kill) Francis Dolarhyde (Richard Arbitage), after episode 12’s failed attempt lost Fredrick Chilton (Raúl Esparza) his lips, and this time Hannibal will be the bait.

However, the synopsis also reveals that Bedelia (Gillian Anderson) has some advice for Will. She believes that danger lies ahead for him if he continues toying with Hannibal, but there will be no turning back for Will, who must face his darkest fears if he is going to stop the Great Red Dragon. After all, the episode’s title, a play on Hannibal’s biblical metaphor of Will as the lamb, is a clear enough tease that Will will see his plan through to the end.

If the finale will be the endgame of the season’s complicated chess match, then the promo for the episode is not revealing any of the moves. Instead, the teaser simply shows all of the players involved, rotating through a series of shots of each character from episode 12.

Watch the promo for the finale below:

Can Will stop Dolarhyde? And how will things end between Will and Hannibal? Fans will have to wait to find out. The season (and series) finale of “Hannibal” airs Saturday at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC.