Episode 5 of "Hannibal" Season 3 set the stage, but episode 6 would deliver the moment fans had waiting to see since the premiere. "Dolce" featured the long awaited reunion between Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen)! How would it all go down?

The episode begins with an injured Hannibal wandering the streets of Florence into the morning. Elsewhere, Florence police discover the body of Pazzi (Fortunato Cerlino) with Jack (Laurence Fishburne) standing nearby. Then, in walks Will, who is curious to know why Jack did not kill Hannibal when he had the chance. "Maybe I need you to do it," Jack responds.

Meanwhile, Hannibal makes it home safely to find that Bedelia (Gillian Anderson) has packed his things. "This is where I leave you, or more accurately, you leave me," she tells him. They share a tense kiss.

Elsewhere, Dr. Cordell Doemling (Glenn Fleshler) has prepared an array of meats for Mason Verger (Joe Anderson) to ingratiate Mason to eating human flesh. Afterward, Mason meets with Alana (Carline Dhavernas), who suggests that in light of Pazzi's fatal fate, Mason buy influence over the entire Florence police department. 

At Hannibal's house, Bedelia is injecting a mystery drug when Chiyo (Tao Okamoto) interrupts to question her at gunpoint. Bedelia tells Chiyo that Hannibal is gone and Chiyo asserts that Bedelia is one of Hannibal's caged birds, just like she was in Lithuania. Bedelia asks if Chiyo wants to kill Hannibal as well. She says she does not want to kill him, she wants to cage him. Bedelia notes that perhaps Chiyo, not Will, was "Hannibal's biggest mistake."

As soon as Chiyo leaves, a high Bedelia answers the front door to find Will and Jack. They try to get her to reveal Hannibal's location, but Bedelia insists that she is Lydia Fell and knows nothing. Will does not believe the act.

Meanwhile, Mason and Margot (Katherine Isabelle) talk and Mason expresses interest in having a child. Margot quips that he should have considered that before removing her uterus. Mason, though, insists they find a way. Afterward, Margot and Alana have sex in Alana's room.

Then came the moment fans had been waiting for all season -- the reunion of Will and Hannibal. Will finds Hannibal sitting in front of Botticelli's "Primavera" painting and the two chat like old, if strained, friends. "You and me are beginning to blur," Will tells Hannibal. The two eventually leave the museum, hobbling their way back to Jack and Bedelia. Unfortunately, before they get there, Chiyo shoots Will with a rifle from a rooftop above. 

Back at Hannibal's home, a Florence police inspector (Giorgio Lupano) has crashed Jack and Bedelia's party. Bedelia is still keeping up her Lydia Fell rouse, but Jack is happy to tell the police exactly how to prove that Hannibal Lecter is the man behind the recent string of murders in the city. However, after he suggests that the police have been bought by Verger, he is asked to leave the scene. 

Meanwhile, Hannibal digs the bullet out of Will's shoulder himself with a knife. Afterward, Hannibal questions how Will would have killed him and if he can forgive him. Then, Hannibal drugs Will and sedates him. When Will regains consciousness he is tied to a chair in a dining room, still drugged while Hannibal feeds him soup, lamenting that he never got to show Will Florence. There's another setting at the table and Will asks if Hannibal is expecting company.

On cue, Jack goes and finds Chiyoh, who shows him to a room in a strange building. Jacks enters to find the dining room and Will sitting tied on the other side of the table. Before Jack can figure out what is going on, Hannibal emerges from underneath the table and slices Jack's Achilles. 

Back at Hannibal's house, the inspector interrogates Bedelia. Frustrated by her assistance that she is Lydia Fell, he makes it clear that no matter who she may be, he intends to find her "husband," not-so-subtly implying he is willing to go, well, beyond the call of duty, to get the information he needs. She cryptically confesses that Hannibal was hoping to meet a friend and would need to do so in a place no one was supposed to be.

Speaking of which, back at the mysterious dining room, where Jack is now tied in place at the table as well, Hannibal reveals that he wishes to correct the errors of the group's last dinner attempt. Pulling out a saw, he says he wants to get inside Will's head (and not figuratively this time)! Then, as Hannibal begins to cut into Will's skull, to a drugged and powerless Jack's horror, the show abruptly cut somewhere in the near future where Will and Hannibal are both captives of Mason Verger, hanging in a meat cellar. "Welcome to Muskrat Farm," sneers Verger. How will the next episode get fans to that point? 

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