Happy Halloween: The 10 Scariest Mask You Can Wear This Halloween

on October 22 2013 8:13 PM
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Without further ado, here are the top 13 scariest films to watch on Halloween. Wikimedia Commons

It's almost that time of year again, Halloween! With the creepiest holiday nearing, there are many costume routes to take. The usual costumes may consist of barely-there outfits for women and the typical doctor or prisoner for men, but if you decide to mix things up, there are always options. The true meaning of Halloween revolves around scaring the daylights of innocent bystanders, and this is your opportunity to do so. Should you want to forgo an entire costume, you can just wear a mask and have the same effect. Here are the top 10 scariest Halloween masks you could wear this year around: 

Given that AMC's "The Walking Dead" is one of the top hits on television, some of you may want to go for the zombie look. In that case, this zombie tongue mask is definitely the way to go. Blood and odd strands of hair included, this mask will send every trick-or-treater running. The only downside is should you decide to go trick-or-treating yourself, you may not get very far. 


Halloween Mask 1 Halloween Mask 1  Halloweenexpress.com

Scarecrows may seem tame, but this mask gives it an extra creepy factor because of the rope around the neck. Few masks sends chills down people's spine like this one does. 

Halloween Mask 2 Halloween Mask 2  Halloweenexpress.com

Freddy Krueger masks are a dime a dozen during Halloween. But this one is so eerily realistic that we put it on the list anyway. Even though kids may run away from, you can still tell them that you'll see them while they sleep (even though that's not recommended). 

Halloween Mask 3 Halloween Mask 3  Halloweenexpress.com

This alien host mask is not really an alien at all. Rather it looks like a person who's been abducted by an alien, then some other stuff happened, and somehow, they end up looking like this. As we said before, scary. 

Halloween Mask 4 Halloween Mask 4  Halloweenexpress.com

We all remember the movie "Saw." You know, the one were a creepy little masked man follows people around on a tiny bike and wants them to "play a game." Well, in one of the installments of the franchise, a pig mask did the game playing. If you choose to, you can wear this mask around and ask people to play, too. 

Halloween Mask 5 Halloween Mask 5  halloweenexpress.com

A regular clown is scary enough, but this one is certainly worse. 

Halloween Mask 6 Halloween Mask 6  Halloweenexpress.com

Serial killer masks seem to be very popular this season. Given the popularity of shows like "The Blacklist" and "Law and Order: SVU" people seem to want to resemble psychopaths more than ever before. It that's what you're going for this Halloween, this mask may work for you. 

Halloween Mask 7 Halloween Mask 7  halloweenexpress.com

As previously mentioned, "The Walking Dead" themed masks are very popular this Halloween. That being said, this mask provides you with the face and chest of said zombie. 

Halloween Mask 8 Halloween Mask 8  halloweenexpress.com

We all remember when Batman went rogue in the third installation of the franchise. Well, this is a creepy mask that depicts the scary Batman. With a tongue and sticks out and what looks like shark teeth, this can be your go-to costume to get everyone antsy. 

Halloween Mask 9 Halloween Mask 9  halloweenexpress.com

As if one scary Halloween mask isn't enough, this one gives you two. A tiny little head attached to a bigger one is sure to scare anyone you come into contact with this Halloween. 

Halloween Mask 10 Halloween Mask 10  halloweenexpress.com

All of these masks and many, many more can be purchased at Halloweenexpress.com

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