You’ve already hard-boiled and colored dozens of Easter eggs for the kids, but now, what to do with all of those leftover boiled eggs?

Don’t consider a house full of egg crates a bad thing; Those boiled eggs could be used to make tons of dishes, like deviled eggs, egg salad and more. This means you won’t have to cook for a few days and you’ll save some money on monthly grocery expenses.

So if you have no clue what to do with your colored creations post-Easter egg hunt, here are some recipes and meal ideas for hard-boiled eggs that don’t taste like leftovers.

Remember to be extra careful if you have to peel the shells from the eggs, especially if the eggs were colored using dye.

For tips how to hard boil Easter eggs without cracking them, check our guide here.

Leftover Recipes for Hard-Boiled Easter Eggs A fun take on deviled eggs using leftover hard-boiled eggs. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/mealmakeovermoms

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are an Easter-time staple, but this website offers some non-traditional variations on the popular dish, with bacon, with spinach, buffalo-style and more. [Recipe via]

Pickled Eggs

It takes five days to fully make, but if you like the taste of pickles or vinegar, this recipe is for you. [Recipe via]

Green Eggs And Ham

This non-traditional recipe made famous by Dr. Seuss makes for a perfect appetizer, rather than scrambling the eggs.[Recipe via]

Scrambled Hard-Boiled Eggs

Watch this video to fuse your two favorite eggs dishes into one. [Recipe via Gizmodo]

Soft-Boiled Eggs

You can’t make this after hard-boiling eggs, but it’s a slightly different method for a runnier egg. [Recipe via]

Egg Salad

Everyone knows how to make egg salad for sandwiches, but this curried recipe is a more flavorful take. [Recipe via]

Cobb Salad

Don’t forget that you can also throw hard-boiled eggs onto a salad and add in the essential ingredients for an all-American classic. [Recipe via]

Strawberry Shortcake

You can actually make a sweet treat by using hard-boiled eggs in the dough. [Recipe via Los Angeles Times]


A perfect finger food for parties or snacking. Get creative and swap salmon for other toppings. [Recipe via Real Simple]


It’s like a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, but using leftover hard-boiled eggs. [Recipe via]

Breakfast Chili

Diced hard-boiled eggs, beans, sausage, bacon and cheese. Say no more. [Recipe via Los Angeles Times]