Harry Potter fans are in for a treat: the franchise films' Warner Brothers Studios in Hertfordshire are opening to the public on Saturday.

Lucky fans will take a tour of the Great Hall and Professor Dumbledore's iconic office, reported BBC.

All eight films were shot at the Leavesden Studios. The sets feature intricate details that were never seen on the big screen -but can now be observed by a keen fan.

The tour costs £83 ($132) for a family of four. The gift shop has been recently criticized for pricy souvenirs, but organizers called them incredibly good quality.

Fans can buy the following items at the gift shop:

  • Reproduction ball gown worn by Hermione (Emma Watson) in film four for £241 ($383)
  • Firebolt broomstick used by Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) for £249 ($396)
  • A pair of Professor Dumbledore's robes for £495 ($787)

Like everything, there's the high end that is incredibly good quality. And it's expensive to make, and it's expensive to sell, said Josh Berger managing director of Warner Bros UK to BBC. But equally 25% of the merchandise is under £10 ($16) in the shop. So that is eminently acquirable for the families who come here.

Actors Rupert Grint and Tom Felton took a tour of the studios Thursday. 

When I entered the Great Hall for the first time, I had never been on a film set - when I walked through the doors I was in awe!, said Grint on his experiences in the first film. 

I have a lot of memories [here], he said according to OK! magazine.  

Felton admitted he got very emotional, very quickly when he entered the studios for the first time since the franchise ended. 

Reactions to the tour have been positive so far.