“Hart Of Dixie” fans were just given one more piece of information to add to the canceled or renewed debate. The shooting schedule for “Hart Of Dixie” Season 4 was sped up for Rachel Bilson’s pregnancy, Jamie King told Us Weekly.

"We shot faster because of Rachel's pregnancy," King said. "We shot until the day before. And she's taking her full maternity. I took six weeks [off after I gave birth]."

Filming for “Hart Of Dixie” Season 4 started in June, despite the fact that a premiere date wasn’t (and still isn’t) set. This is a rather early start date for a midseason show. Shows with fall premiere dates on the CW, such as “The Vampire Diaries,” started filming a few weeks later in July.

It was announced in May that Bilson was expecting a child with boyfriend Hayden Christensen. Since then fans have wondered if her impending motherhood caused the short episode order for “Hart Of Dixie.” Season 4 will only have 10 episodes while most CW shows have 22 episodes per season. Other fans speculate that the smaller season is due to low ratings. After being moved to Friday nights, the show’s ratings suffered, but the short episode order could easily be due to Bilson’s pregnancy. 

Still, that doesn’t explain Bilson’s co-stars saying goodbye to the show on social media. Wilson Bethel and Scott Porter implied that this was the end for “Hart Of Dixie.”

However, the CW has made no official decision regarding "Hart Of Dixie" being canceled or renewed. “No decision has been made regarding the future of ‘Hart Of Dixie,’ so any discussion or reporting of whether or not the show will continue beyond the upcoming season is premature,” a CW rep told TV.com.