A bundle of sextuplets arrived healthy to a thrilled Alabama couple and a 51-member medical team over Father's Day weekend.

Heather and Mitchell Carroll welcomed five girls and one boy, who were named alphabetically: Abbie, Brooklyn, Chloe, David, Ellie and Faith.

This makes Heather Carroll the second women in the United States to give birth to sextuplets this month.

In a press conference at Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham, gynecologist Bill McKenzie described the 5 foot 2 mother as country tough. She had to consume 6,000 calories to keep the babies nourished in the womb.

Dr McKenzie said It's just a very unique demand on a woman's body and she is a little hiccup of a girl. But she's got a very big heart.

Dr McKenzie explained how the weight was distributed well among all babies and that all of them developed well. The sextuplets were born at 28 weeks and one day, with the first arriving at 8:05am and the last at 8:08am.

The mother said The babies look great. I was expecting them to be just real weakly looking and real tiny. They're not. They look wonderful.

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