Season 4 of AMC's "Hell on Wheels" is moving along. Episode 3 is set to air on Saturday, Aug. 16, introducing Bohannon to a whole new set of problems as he makes his way back to the railroad.

Bohannon made his escape from Fort Smith in episode 2, and will be back on the railroad in episode 3. However the synopsis teases that things are not going to get any easier for him or anyone else on the period drama. In episode 3, “Chicken Hill,” the big conflicts of the season really start to take shape as Bohannon butts heads with his new boss back in Hell on Wheels. Meanwhile fans can look foward to a face-off between Durant and Campbell over real estate.

In episode 2, “Escape from the Garden,” Bohannon exposed the Swede in his attempt to leave Fort Smith. By pretending to be experiencing a religious awakening, Bohannon coaxed the Swede into confessing to murdering the real Bishop in front of the Mormons, giving Bohannon his opportunity to escape. In episode 3 Bohannon will be back at the railroad, but he is returning to a very different town and sparks will soon fly between him and his new boss.

Speaking of bosses, the battle over who will control Cheyenne is about to heat up. In episode 2, John Campbell, the new provisional Governor of the territory, rolled into town on a mission to establish law and order. Durant is none too pleased about the encroachment on his power and is furious after Campbell swiftly hangs a man after a fight in the saloon. However, what really matters to the two men is land.

In episode 2, Campbell and Durant had a sit down over some steaks about how Campbell planned to get a hold of land for a courthouse, statehouse, jailhouse, and a treasury. It was suggested that he would be taking the land by whatever means necessary. According to the episode 3 synopsis, the two men will square off next Saturday over a valuable piece of real estate. Is Campbell putting his plan into action? Will he attempt to tax Durant?

“Hell on Wheels” is steaming ahead in its Saturday time slot and fans will have to tune in next weekend to see how the drama will play out. “Chicken Hill” will air Saturday, August 16, at 9 p.m. EDT on AMC.

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Hell On Wheels Durant in episode 3, "Chicken Hill." Episode 3 of "Hell On Wheels" will air on AMC on Saturday, Aug. 16, at 9 p.m. EDT. Photo: AMC