The company behind some of the world’s tallest and iconic structures has acquired one of America’s leading international architectural design firms. The partnership will expand the scope of both outfits' already impressive international portfolios.

Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design Group, the parent company of East China Architectural Design & Research Institute, ECADI, announced on Monday its acquisition of Wilson Associates, an internationally acclaimed design firm that has gained recognition for its interior architectural design of some of the world’s notable hotels, restaurants and casinos. Wilson boasts a global portfolio of many luxury-brand clients, including the Four Seasons and The Venetian.

Xian Dai and its partner companies, on the other hand, have been building the world’s skylines for years, designing five of the world’s 10 tallest buildings, including Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Shanghai’s World Financial Center and Chicago’s Willis Tower.

Olivier Chavy, the president and CEO of Dallas-headquartered Wilson Associates, formally announced the acquisition on Monday. “Discussions of a strategic partnership with them [ECADI] began some time ago with the hopes of forming a beneficial relationship that represents the core values of both global leaders,” Chavy said during a press meeting in New York.

Dan Kwan, the senior vice president and managing director based in New York, said Wilson had been “courted” for a while during several luxury collaborations. After the two companies collaborated on five different projects over the past six years, a partnership seemed to naturally progress.

Though Wilson will continue to keep its name while operating under the Xian Dai umbrella, the design group, as a whole, has set its sights on establishing an even broader global network for future business.