Kabang, the Filipino dog that lost her snout saving two young girls, will have to wait to have facial reconstruction surgery in California. Kabang, unfortunately, has heartworm and a vaginal tumor that need to be treated before the surgery to repair her snout.

Nearly a year ago, Kabang leapt in front of a motorcycle that was about to crash into her owners. The two young Filipino girls who call Kabang their dog were spared any injury, while Kabang was not so lucky. Her snout was lost due to the collision.

News of Kabang’s sacrifice made her a global canine celebrity. A fundraising campaign led by a nurse from Buffalo, N.Y., raised enough money to bring the dog stateside in order to receive surgical treatment, according to The Associated Press.

Kabang will receive treatment from veterinarians at the University of California Davis.  According to The Sacramento Bee, Kabang will undergo dental and cosmetic surgery in order to repair her snout.

Dr. Jane Syke, director of the small animal clinic at William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at UC Davis, told reporters Kabang’s heartworm and vaginal tumor are treatable.

The two health concerns were detected after veterinarians performed a full health examination. Kabang’s heartworm is not too far advanced, giving the veterinarians a better chance at treating the disease.

The vaginal tumor was discovered during an examination and later confirmed to be a transmissible venereal tumor. Luckily for Kabang, the veterinarians caught the tumor relatively early. Kabang will have to undergo chemotherapy to eliminate the tumor.

Syke believes it may take up to six months to treat Kabang’s preexisting conditions before surgery can take place.