Hillary Clinton dodged a shoe thrown at her by a woman on Thursday while the former Secretary of State was delivering a speech to members of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, or ISRI, at a Las Vegas hotel.

The protester was not a ticketed guest for Clinton’s speech at the Mandalay Bay hotel and was spotted by Secret Service agents and hotel security before the incident, George Ogilvie, U.S. Secret Service spokesman reportedly said. 

"As agents and hotel security approached her she threw a shoe and was immediately taken into custody by the Secret Service and hotel security," he said.

KTNV-TV broadcast footage of the incident showing Clinton dodging an object, which turned out to be a black-and-orange athletic shoe that was later recovered from the stage. The former first lady reportedly joked about the incident.

"Is that somebody throwing something at me?" Clinton reportedly asked. "Is that part of Cirque du Soleil?"

She went on adding: “My goodness, I didn't know that solid waste management was so controversial," and even took a dig at the protester saying: “Thank goodness she didn't play softball like I did."

Mark Carpenter, a spokesman for ISRI, the recycling institute which hosted the speech, reportedly confirmed that the woman was not associated with the event.

"Our staff denied her access before she later rushed past security. An ISRI staffer then stopped her as she approached the stage. She was then handed over to law enforcement," he said.

In 2008, a shoe was thrown at then-President George W. Bush by an Iraqi journalist at a Baghdad press conference.