Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has canceled her trip to Morocco this week to attend the Friends of the Syrian People meeting due to a stomach virus, the State Department announced Monday.

According to Reuters, Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns will attend the meeting in her place.


The meeting, scheduled to take place in Marrakech, is being held in order to discuss the future of Syria's opposition. 


Clinton was to meet with officials from various allied countries in order to continue examining the crisis that has been affecting Syria for the past 20 months as rebels fighting to over throw President Bashar al-Assad advance in their mission to "unify the political opposition," according to the CS Monitor.


Friends of Syria group plans to delve into methods of strengthening the Syrian opposition coalition.


State Department spokesman, Philippe Reines, said in a statement that the Secretary of State will not be traveling at this time due to her illness. 


"Since she's still under the weather, we'll be staying put this week instead of heading to North Africa and the Middle East as originally planned," he said. 


"In her place, Deputy Secretary Burns will travel to Marrakech for the Friends of the Syrian People meeting. We will let you know when she shakes this bug and resumes a public schedule," he added.


Clinton was also scheduled to visit Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates, those trips have apparently also been canceled.