11,260 sale and purchase agreements of all types of building units were subscribed in September, an surge of 29.8% on August and a rise of 29.3% on the same period last year, Hong Kong Land Registry said.

The total value of these agreements are $34.1 billion, up 36.2% over August and 45.1% over a year earlier.

Of the 11,206 sale and purchase agreements, residential units account for 9,811, an 39.5% growth on August and a 38.2% rise on September last year.

Using a 12-month moving average, the figure for September rose 2.7% on August but fell 27.8% on September last year.

The total consideration of these agreements rose 37.7% on August, to $29 billion. Compared with the same period last year, the figure surged 61.5%.